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You may have noticed that ICUII was turned off February 9, 2012.

Many older versions of chat software were based on Dwyco's core technology. 

If you were a user of this older software, what does this mean to you? Here are a few answers to that question.

I have a lot of messages I want to keep and view

There are two options you have in this area (both options are FREE):

  • Download Dwyco PowerBrowse, an offline message browser for CDC32, CDC-X, and and other software. It is free and can be downloaded here.

  • We used to have an "account import" in CDC-X, but discontinued it in v2.9. If you want to import old messages, contact and we can help.

Will I lose all my messages?

No. PowerBrowse is a browser and does not modify your messages. CDC-X "Import old account" simply copies your old messages, leaving your original CDC32 messages untouched.

Do I have to pay to use Dwyco software?

Nope. Dwyco software is free to use as long as you like.

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