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Profile Review

Starting with version 2.5 of CDC-X, Dwyco now reviews profiles. Users can select whether to view all profiles, or just profiles that Dwyco has reviewed. NOTE: profile review is only used for the display of profiles, NOT message or chat filtering.

Dwyco categorizes profiles into two sets: "regular", and everything else.

A profile is "regular" if it satisfies all of these criteria:

  1. If it has video, the video preview of the profile contains a clear picture of a face. The person in the picture must be clothed and wearing a shirt.

  2. The name and description in the profile must not contain any overtly adult language.

All other profiles are considered "not regular".  Note that since we cannot review them easily, audio-only profiles are considered "not regular". Click here for examples of "regular" profile displays. And here for some examples of simple regular profiles.

If you enable Profile Filtering

CDC-X will only display profiles that are "regular". Specifically:

  • In the "recent visitors" tab, only text from "regular" profiles is displayed.

  • In the "Profiles" tab, only profile previews for "regular" profiles with video are displayed.

  • In the public chat area, the profiles that are not "regular" are displayed as an upside-down, red Dwyco logo icon. Clicking on the red icon will allow you to view the profile.

Note that if you put someone in your pal list, it overrides the filtering for that user in the public chat area.

CDC-X does not try to filter out profiles if you click on them (we assume you want to see the profile if you are clicking on it, even if it might contain explicit material.)

Details for creating Profiles

  • Why isn't my profile visible in the directory or the profile tab?

When you create a profile, it is automatically set to "unreviewed". No matter what is in the profile, it will not be displayed to people that have elected only to view reviewed material. People that have selected the "view all profiles" option can immediately see your profile.

Once Dwyco has reviewed the profile, the profile is marked "reviewed" and either "regular" or not. If it is regular, all users will be able to see your profile.

  • How long before my profile is reviewed?

That varies a lot. Generally profiles are reviewed within 24 hours after you update your profile. Keep in mind, your profile is not hidden from everyone during this time. Anyone can view your profile if they click on it and select "show profile." It is only hidden from people that have specifically requested not to see unreviewed material (and they do not have you as a pal).

  • How many times can I change my profile?

There is no limit to the number of times you can change your profile. We only review the latest one that you submitted when we do the review process, even if you have changed it multiple times in the intervening time frame. 

  • I disagree with your review of my profile.

We certainly make mistakes. If you think we got it wrong, you have options: either update your profile as usual (in which case, it becomes "unreviewed", and we will review it again), or send email to (include your handle or UID) and try to engage us in some kind of argument about it. The rules are pretty simple and straightforward, so you are unlikely to win, but feel free to try.

Does CDC-X protect my chats from snooping?

Does CDC-X protect my chats from snooping?

As of version 2.11, yes. Here are the details:

  • All chats and video/audio streams are encrypted when sending peer to peer or via server.

  • All messages are sent using end-to-end encryption if they are sent to a version 2.11 or newer client. This means that messages (and attached files and other media) are fully encrypted, even when they are stored on our servers. Messages sent to older clients are not encrypted while they are stored on our servers.

  • Information going to and from the public chat servers is encrypted.

  • Information coming from the web servers (the "recent visitors" and "profiles" tabs in CDC-X) usually is, but might not be encrypted. But this is public information anyway, so this is not much of a security issue. The reason for this is that some computers don't have the proper encryption tools set up.

As a practical matter, snooping will be very difficult. Keep in mind, your messages are not encrypted by CDC-X once they are stored on your computer. You must use whatever encryption is provided by your operating system to provide security for you messages stored on your computer.

Virus checker says there is a problem with cdcxdwy.exe

This is a false-positive. There are no viruses, malware, or other mysteryware in CDC-X. Installing CDC-X (running cdcxdwy.exe) is safe (in fact, it is safer than most software because it makes no modifications to your system files.) 

Workaround: most virus checkers have a way of temporarily reducing their "paranoia level" so you can work around false-positives like this. Click on the tray icon for the virus checker and look there for something like "Auto-protect" or "Active protection". Temporarily disable it, retry the install, and then turn it back on.

More details:

Some virus checkers think the CDC-X auto-update system "acts like a virus" because of the way it works. Some Norton virus checkers simply block CDC-X because it is relatively new (their so-called "reputation based" checking.)

Here is an explanation from Norton:

Please, if you get a warning from a virus checker, just forward us the message. We'll contact the maker of the anti-virus and resolve the issue with them.

MacOS complains when installing CDC-X

CDC-X works fine on MacOS. However, due to Apple's attempt to squelch applications that don't come from its app-store, you have to perform the following as a work-around to install CDC-X (and any other application that doesn't come from Apple's app-store.)

When trying to install CDC-X, instead of double-clicking, simply right-click (or control-click) on the icon, and select "open" from the dropdown menu. This should allow you to install and run CDC-X without problems.

Abuse Reporting

There is one administrative account used by Dwyco:

Dwyco (#5a098f3df49015331d74)

There are no other administrative accounts! Anyone claiming to be a "Dwyco employee/admin, etc." that doesn't have id #5a098f3df49015331d74 is a phoney and should be reported to us. The Dwyco admin will never ask you for your passwords, credit card numbers, and so on. However, some Dwyco software is for adults 18 years of age and older, and you may be asked to prove you are over 18 years of age. See below for details.

Reporting Problems

Please note that Dwyco programs incorporate an IGNORE (also called BLOCK) feature that will take care of most of your problems with offensive material being sent to you. USE THE BLOCK FEATURE PROMPTLY when you receive something you find offensive. You should report immediately any messages you receive that imply someone is interested in incest, sexual assault on animals, or child pornography. Also, report persistent harassment (for example, someone you have blocked in the past bothering you multiple times.)

Many Dwyco apps have specific "report" menu options that you can use to make reporting a message or user easy.

To report a problem with another user (not a tech support problem) it is simply a matter of sending us the message you received from them. You can do this by using the "report" menu item on the message. That way we can authenticate your complaint. DO NOT SEND CUT AND PASTE MESSAGES VIA EMAIL. We cannot authenticate messages sent to us via email.

If an app does not have a "report" menu item, use the "forward" function to forward the message to Dwyco.

Please note: Dwyco cannot read or monitor messages sent using our apps, because of the security and privacy features built into the software. Therefore, it is important for users to let us know when they think there is a problem that needs our attention.

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